Lladro Does It Again: New Re•Deco and Re-Cyclos Collections

new Lladro Re-Cylos and Re•Deco pieces

Last year, we wrote about how Lladro hipped up their previously grandma-like porcelain figures with the introduction of Bodo Sperlein’s Re-Cyclos Magical collection, a stunning nature inspired porcelain bisque collection from chandeliers to jewelry and wall hooks to votives.

Re-Cyclos Bodo Sperlein for Lladro
Re-Cyclos Bodo Sperlein for Lladro

As described by Lladro:

Re-Cyclos was a creative proposal of new and evocative works made from Lladró’s classic figurines. Lladró Re-Cyclos Magical by Bodo Sperlein came into being when the porcelain brand invited prestigious designers from all over the world to reinterpret its creations. Well acquainted with the workings of porcelain, Sperlein decided to focus on Nature using delicate elements of Lladró to create new and surprising jewelry accessories, and lighting and décor objects.

Lladro Re-Cylos and Re•Deco Pieces

Committee for Lladro
This year. they’ve done it again with British design team Committee.

Committee for Lladro

The British design team Committee :Harry Richardson and Clare Page

above: The British design team Committee is made up of Harry Richardson and Clare Page, born in Northampton and London respectively and trained at the Liverpool Art School. Both claim that they explore the everyday with “pragmatism and imagination”.

The following pieces were unveiled at this year’s Maison Objet show.

Harry Richardson and Clare Page for lladro
Harry Richardson and Clare Page for lladro

above: One of the themes chosen by this creative team is the love of a couple, whose evolution is depicted by a truly characteristic element in the creations of this porcelain brand: handmade flowers, made petal by petal. Therefore, the designers’ proposal consists of three couples made of white porcelain covered progressively by flowers, signifying the growth of their feelings. This trilogy comes to a close with a spectacular creation, covered with the greatest number of flowers ever created in the history of Lladró: over a thousand flowers covering the characters’ bodies.

Harry Richardson and Clare Page

Harry Richardson and Clare Page for lladro

above: They also presented boxes designed from the original molds used to make Lladró porcelain figurines. This time, the designers pay tribute to the beauty concealed by these moulds and play with the reliefs of the concave shapes. The results are innovative objects capturing the creative spirit of Lladró works.

Also introduced this year at Paris’ Maison et Objet were some new additions to the Re:cyclos line by Bodo Sperlein. The Ascot collection of tableware and accessories and the new Magic Forest chandelier.

Ascot collection of tableware lladro bo sperlein

The Ascot collection as described by Bodo Sperlein:

The Ascot collection is a versatile group of table top accessories, which bring a touch of originality and style to any table. Horses’ legs, heads and hoofs are used in a clever and inventive way to invite us to touch and admire each piece. Subtle and elegant natural grey horse fur tones and effects are hand painted on handles, lids and elements of each product. The collection is a celebration of the highly skilled Lladro porcelain craftsmen.

Ascot collection Bodo Sperlein

Lladró Re-Cyclos Magical also launches a new version of the Niagara chandelier,
a spectacular hanging lamp with hundreds of white porcelain butterflies hanging from optical fiber cables. This creation received an excellent response in both of its formats (1.10m and 2m), now available in a smaller size (60cm). The collection will grow with the incorporation of the chandelier Magic Forest with dozens of delicate porcelain leaves.

chandelier Magic Forest

Niagara chandelier

Above are the new Magic Forest Chandelier and the original Niagara Chandelier.

Lladro Re•Deco

Jamie Hayon For Lladro
These aren’t the only efforts Lladro has made at reinvigorating their image and appealing to a much broader and trendier audience. As art director for the Re:deco collection, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon brought Lladro to the attention of design bloggers and magazines everywhere.

jaime hayon at work
above: Jaime Hayon at work

Some of Hayon’s pieces for Lladro took their original molds and kept the reminder of the form as matte or glossy porcelain while adding platinum glazed touches (and in some cases gold or monochromatic) to them, transforming them from traditional even old-fashioned figurines to modern objects.

Jaime hayon for Lladro

Jaime hayon for Lladro

Jaime hayon for Lladro

And others reinterpreted traditional pieces by turning them into lamps and mirrors.

Jaime hayon for Lladro

Lladro lamp

Jaime hayon for Lladro - Wall Mirror

Hayon lamps for lladro

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon is hot hot hot, with his blogged about latest designs for Camper, the beautiful AQHayon bathroom collection, his Swarovski studded lamps and more can be seen on his site.

jaime hayon Lladro