Intricately Hand Etched and Carved Eggshells by Beth Magnuson.

In the tiny tourist town of Bishop Hill, Illinois is a small quaint cottage-like boutique named The Feathered Nest at Windy Corner. Beth Magnuson, owner and proprietor, has spent a lifetime learning to preserve and present nature in alluring and interesting ways – one of which are her magnificently intricately hand carved and etched eggshells.

Carved Eggshells

With Easter right around the corner, her Victorian Lace eggs are the perfect item to elicit both inspiration and awe.

A solo act, Beth turns extra-large goose eggs as well as rhea, guinea, chicken, partridge, peafowl, pheasant, duck, dove and tiny bobwhite quail eggs into delicate examples of ornate patterns and imagery.

The Victorian Lace eggs, which range from about $40 for a typical Chicken egg to upwards of $275 for a large Rhea egg, are available for purchase from her etsy store and make romantic gifts.

Beth says “I love to share what I do with others. In fact, to continue on my artistic path, I must distribute my work to make way for new creative exercise. My shops are a happy byproduct of my lifestyle.”

She sells several different styles, sizes and colors from her etsy store, The Nest at Windy Corner, and will make custom ones as well. All her eggs come with complimentary Lucite stands and are beautifully packaged. They are wrapped with great care and shipped via USPS priority mail.