Not Eggsactly Your Typical Easter Art: Urs Fischer

For Easter this year, I wanted to share something less traditional than your typical dyed Easter Eggs and even more unusual than Bunnies, Rabbits & Hares or the myriad artistic interpretations of The Last Supper I have curated on Pinterest. And I found artist Urs Fischer’s giant hard boiled eggs obscuring Hollywood head shots to be just the thing. Read more

Intricately Hand Etched and Carved Eggshells by Beth Magnuson.

In the tiny tourist town of Bishop Hill, Illinois is a small quaint cottage-like boutique named The Feathered Nest at Windy Corner. Beth Magnuson, owner and proprietor, has spent a lifetime learning to preserve and present nature in alluring and interesting ways – one of which are her magnificently intricately hand carved and etched eggshells. Read more