Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven

Catharina F.M. van de Ven aka Catharina van de Ven is a Dutch sculptor whose ongoing series, Luxuria, is a collection of projects that reflect human desires. A recent addition to her Project Luxuria are a series of automotive colored 3D pills that represent the human predilection for lust.

Pills seem to be a common subject in contemporary art. We’ve seen a self-portait made of Ecstacy Pills, Designer Drugs by artist Desire Obtain Cherish, and Edie Nadelhaft’s Art Pill Capsules. Now we introduce you to the Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven

Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven

Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven

The title, Luxuria, is defined in ancient Latin as lust, representing our longing and desire for sex, power, money, objects or food. Distinct from basic human needs, it propels a potent hunger, taking any shape or form, demanding fulfillment.

In her work, Catharina questions why Lust is one of the deadly sins. She says “After all, without lust, life would be absent of pleasure. Where does one draw the line between the two? Each one of us are faced with lust in our daily life. On which side you place Luxuria: Sin or Virtue?”

Cadaceus Pill sculpture
Cadaceus Pill, ferrari verde medio

Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven
Luxuria Pill, white Mother of Pearl

contemporary sculpture

The limited edition 3D printed pieces are made of glass fiber, acrylic resin and automotive paint. They are wall-mountable and are priced between $4900 and $5100 a piece.

In my work, the colours and shapes I use aim to lure and seduce the beholder. They draw one’s attention and confront each viewer with their own faced desires. Colour and shape, like lust, possess a deep power of attraction. Using the visual of the dome consistently throughout the works, the ancient abstract shape appeals to human nature and the basic need for caressing and tenderness“.- Catharina van de Ven on her Luxuria Pills.

Art Pills
Luxuria Pill, Oxblood Red

Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven

Luxuria/Lust can be found in sweet lips, blue skies, green fields, or warm yellow sunshine. It is found in the glow of happiness from the pure white of snow to the absence of sorrow, quiet joy, or outrageous ecstasy” – Catharina van de Ven

unique wall art
Elevation Pill, azzurro chiaro
wall sculptures of pills
Golden Ratio / Phi Pill, lotus silver grey
Luxuria Pills by Catharina van de Ven
Aesculapius Pill, rosso ferrari

The Luxuria Pills are available for purchase at Priveekollektie Contemporary Art / Design.

Artist’s Statement:
“As an artist I highly admire the classic visual language of the early sculptors. I am fascinated by their artisan idiom and behold the quality of their heritage with great respect. This fascination, and the classic sculpting education I enjoyed in Belgium and Florence, make that the artisan craft is always visible in my work and remains the foundation of all that I create.

Catharina van de Ven, photo by Hans van de Ven
Catharina van de Ven, photo by Hans van de Ven

Modern techniques, such as 3D printing and synthetics, present new and equally intriguing challenges for me to translate materials into monumental work. Yet, I have found that the old processes of shaping, casting, grinding and polishing are essential to reach perfection and instill authenticity in my sculptures.

As a result, old and new melt into the core of my work which always embodies an unavoidable narrative or suggestive element. For me, every piece of work has to originate from a genuine experience and must have its own sincere identity. A lot of thought, emotion, and progressive insight go into the making of my work which, in the end, is meant to connect with the viewer.” – Catharina van de Ven, courtesy of Priveekollektie Contemporary Art & Design

Catharina van de Ven

images and information courtesy of the artist and Priveekollektie Contemporary Art & Design
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