Linkasink’s Swarovski Studded Sinks & Other Amazing Bathroom Washbasins

Linkasink swarovski sinks

For some reason, I’ve found a lot of amazing sink designs. I wouldn’t have thought there could be such a variation, but as you’ll see below, there are several fabulous washbasins available on the market these days.

Linkasink Swarovski Sinks

Yet another product that is embellished with Swarovski Austrian Crystals are the porcelain crystal studded sinks from Linkasink.

Above: the Porcelain Swarovski Crystal Fish (available in white or bronze finish)

Above: The Porcelain Swarovski Crystal Stripe (available in white or bronze finish)

Above: the Porcelain Swarovski Crystal Lotus (available in white or bronze finish)

Above: the Porcelain Swarovski Full Crystal Lotus (available in white or bronze finish)

And for those who still like glam, just not *sparkle*, the Porcelain Swarovski Pearl Stripe sink, also available in white or bronze finish:

Linkasink also has several more styles of sinks and wash basins. From their traditional porcelain Smithsonian Collection to a range of farmhouse styled, copper, steel, travertine, marble, glass and stone mosiac sinks.

Visit Linkasink.

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