Let’s Get This Party Started. Now, Where’s a Light Socket?

pulse by sengled HERO

A few bottles of wine, some good friends and Pulse bulbs from Sengled and you’ve got a party goin’ on. Light bulbs that double as speakers can read a bedtime story, play some background music while you work or simply start a shindig anywhere there’s a typical light socket.

Pulse by Sengled

Pulse by Sengled

While there are other LED bulbs out there that will play media or dim the lights from your mobile devices, what makes Pulse different is that it’s integrated with the reputable sound capabilities from JBL. They can turn anything from a task lamp to an inset ceiling spot into a speaker that actually sounds good. And I know, because- full disclosure- they sent me a pair of bulbs to try, and they rocked! Because it’s LED, it’s energy-efficient, too. The Pulse works with almost any bluetooth-enabled device and the free downloadable app allows you to control both dimming the lights and/or listening to any streamed media.

create a moment
create a moment2
inspiring IIHIH
invigorate a party
build a wonderland bedtime music

No speaker wires. No remote control. No cords. Nothing but light and sound controllable from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

dimmable by mobile device
control the volume
mobile controllable
ipad pulse

Audio books can be read as bedtime stories from a small table lamp. Task lights can play your favorite inspiring music as you work late hours at your desk and overhead lights can fill a room with the lungs of Lady Gaga, if you so desire. Relax in the tub to the latest iPod downloads or dance alone in your room to your favorite Pandora playlist.

Super easy to install:
inserting pulse in spot
inserting pulse in task lamp

The technical specs:
Sengled Pulse Product Specs

The Pulse Dimmable Bulbs powered by JBL are nicely designed and sold in pairs (one master and one satellite). Available in either Candy Apple Red or Pewter.

pulse colors

Only $19.99 on Amazon here