Marijuana Grow Boxes Go High Tech: Leaf Cannabis Home Growing System

plug n' plant

Those in the 23 states where medical marijuana has been legalized have no doubt seen the Cannabis business booming. In the past few years a multitude of dispenseries, high-end paraphernalia such as luxury vapes, marijana friendly lodging, services that deliver and subscription services like Potbox have emerged. Now you can add a high-tech system that allows you to grow your own to the list.

Leaf Plug n’ Plant Growing System

In short terms, Leaf is an all-in-one system that automatically grows cannabis (or herbs, fruits and more) and is controlled by your smartphone.

In slightly more complex terms, Leaf is a unit that offers a precisely controlled environment which employs several important parameters to ensure optimum growth and potency.

The brainchild of Jonathan (Yoni) Ofir, Ofir was also one of the inventors of the Alcohoot Mobile Breathalyzer with Ben Biron, which they have subsequently sold.

jonathan ofir with Leaf mock up

26 year old Ofir (shown above with an early mock up of Leaf) is a passionate supporter of Marijuana legal reforms. He was based in Israel when he first decided to create the Leaf (which was initially named the CannaGrow).

After learning of CanopyBoulder, a new business accelerator in Colorado devoted to marijuana startups, he submitted an application. They offered Ofir a spot in the 13-week boot camp and $20,000 in seed capital in exchange for a 9.5 percent stake in the startup and Ofir was on his way from Tel Aviv to Colorado.

leaf-in kitchen

Leaf optimizes its settings for best size, weight, density and potency by continuously monitoring its environment and automatically adjusting it to optimize plant growth.

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The patent pending Nutrient Growing System automatically feeds your plants with nutrients, exactly when they need them.


The Leaf app pairs with your Leaf and displays all the environmental data. You can also watch your plants live through the built-in HD camera.

Made-for-Cannabis LED Growlight

marijuana grow light

Custom made for Leaf by leading NASA Agricultural Lighting Researchers and tailored specifically for cannabis growth.

leaf closed

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images and information courtesy of Leaf and the International Business Times