A Hot Idea: Fireplaces Built Into Furniture

buhler fireplaces

For three generations now, Bühler Furniture of Canada has been designing furniture for homes and commercial applications. They make a range of items but it’s their collection of fireplaces that combine cabinets, sideboards and media consoles with ventless fireplace inserts that really intrigue me.

Buhler Fireplaces

The series of wood pieces are suitable for bedrooms, entertainment rooms, living rooms and more. They combine wood craftsmanship and functionality with firebox inserts of all types and sizes. The multiple configurations are available in various wood finishes. Some are designed as media centers, others as credenzas- and still others as merely fireplaces.

Here’s a look at them all.

Britton Fireplace:
Britton Fireplace

Carter 50″ Fireplace:
Carter 50” Fireplace

Carter Fireplace Credenza:
Carter Fireplace Credenza

Devon Fireplace Credenza:
Devon Fireplace Credenza

Esquilino Fireplace Credenza:
Esquilino Fireplace Credenza

Fairfield Fireplace Credenza:
Fairfield Fireplace Credenza

Ginza Fireplace:
Ginza Fireplace

Ginza Corner Fireplace And Periscope
Ginza Corner Fireplace And Periscope

Howie Fireplace:
Howie Fireplace Credenza

Linn Fireplace Credenza:
Linn Fireplace Credenza

Logan Media Fireplace:
Logan Media Fireplace

Pallini Fireplace Credenza:
Pallini Fireplace Credenza

Precidio with 26″ Fireplace:
Precidio with 26” Fireplace

Precidio with Optimyst Fireplace:
Precidio with Optimyst Fireplace

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