Dogs Who Deserves More Followers Than You: Kuma


Meet an adorable half Peke and half Shih Tzu. She’s the fourth dog who deserves more followers than you in  my series of the top ten dogs worth following on Instagram. And she’s as cute as they come.

The Fourth Of Ten Dogs Who Deserves More Followers Than You



Kuma the dogKuma the dog6Kuma the dog1

Part Pekingese and part Shih Tzu, Kuma (which means “Bear” in Japanese) is undoubtedly the most patient of the Instagram dog world, letting her lovely locks be transformed into different hairdos almost daily.

Kuma the dog4
Kuma the dog2

Clearly comfortable in front of the camera, the long-haired, tiny pup dons various hairstyles, hats and wigs, looking equally chic in all of them.

Kuma the dog5
kuma hairstyles
Kuma the dog3

With a tongue that won’t stay in her mouth (much like Miley Cyrus), her likeness graces a line of greeting cards over at

Kuma greeting card

Kuma on Instagram: @moem_n

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