Limited Edition Handcrafted Herb and Spice Tree Forest

Herb and Spice Tree Forest

Kokili of Atlanta, Georgia’s Tree Story are a set of handmade containers of sustainable wood and lead-free glass designed to emulate a forest of trees. The containers hold various condiments, herbs or spices and are set upon a tray made of highly polished nickel-plated brass tray to emulate a reflective pond.

Kokili Tree Story Container Set

Kokili Tree Story Container Set

The set consists of 6 different containers that create an enchanting and sophisticated tabletop forest. Each piece is made from leftover sustainable wood offcuts.

handcrafted wood and glass spice keepers

The wood species reflect different regions of the world and the glass tops are drawn from tree canopy shapes found all over the globe.

Herb and Spice Tree Forest

Herb Trees

Tree Story Container Set (Made to Order)
tree story container

Suitable for herbs, spices, potpourri, cannabis flower and even sprinkles, the tops are made of a lead free cast glass. The containers are sealed with a cork stopper and the trays upon which they sit are available in polished nickel coated brass or solid wood. All finishes on the containers are non-toxic and food safe.

Kokili Tree Story Container Set

Woods will vary depending on availability but all are from sustainably managed forests and are certified.

The set is available in a numbered, limited edition of 10. All sets are signed and given a certificate of authenticity.
All pieces are made to order and hand crafted in the US.

Tray: 13-3/4″ (35cm) by 11-1/2″ (29cm)
Trees Height vary in species of design: 4-1/2″ (11.45cm) ~ 6-1/2″ (16.5cm)
Trees Width vary in species of design: 3″ (7.6cm) ~ 4″ (10.16cm)
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Who is Kokili?

Gregory Walker

Gregory Walker is an architect, designer, and educator. He is a graduate of Harvard University and a founding partner in Houser Walker Architecture, based in Atlanta. Gregory’s long term research into methods of fabrication and local craft traditions has been honed through his teaching, mostly recently as the Paul Rudolph Fellow at Auburn University. He has been published widely and spoken at numerous national conferences.

So Jung Lee

So Jung Lee is an architect and designer who has practised in Seoul, San Francisco, and is currently located in New York. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, So Jung brings a passion for urban environments and creating connections between disparate cultures to her design work. She has been a invited juror at Georgia Tech, KSU, and Auburn University