Ten Inspiring Wine Cellars In Private Homes

inspiring wine cellars

A look at ten inspiring temperature-controlled wine cellars in private homes by various architects and interior designers.

Inspiring Wine Cellars

The following ten wine cellars are so stunning even a Teetotaler would want one.

1. Designed by architect Eddie Jones of Jones Studio for the Thurston House in Paradise Valley, AZ, this stunning circular cellar has a brick exterior and a wood interior featuring a large glowing light.

incredible wine cellars

cool wine cellars

brick wine cellar

2. Designed by Focus Wine Cellars, this private ultra-modern cylindrical shaped cellar is as wild on the exterior as the interior. Inside CNC-cut glass shelving is arranged in a polar array of 300 degrees from floor to ceiling and LED lighting illuminates the shelves.

Focus Wine Cellars illuminated

The exterior appears as a large curious cylinder in the back of the room with small illuminated glowing windows.

wild wine cellars

3. Designed by Butler Armsden Architects for a San Francisco Townhouse, this cellar makes the most of a small space.

san francisco private wine cellar

It has acrylic storage drawers, wall shelving and even makes use of the ceiling space.

acrylic wine storage

4. Designed by Antonia Hutt & Associates for the Balance Hill House, this glass walled wine cellar not only crates a dining are within it, but it’s back side butts up to the indoor bowling alley.

private wine cellars

bowling alley and wine cellar

5. Designed by Vin De Garde for the Wave House. It features their Limited Edition Nek-Rite 3 hardware and custom black Walnut panels to display 288 750ml bottles in this open space.

Wave House wine cellar

custom designed wine cellars

6. Designed by Marcio Kogan of Brazil’s Studio mk27, this wine cellar in the Ipêz House is a sophisticated minimal wood design with sliding glass doors framed in wood.

wood wine cellar

7. Designed by Revel, known for their luxury custom wine cellars, this private wine cellar in a Houston home holds 1,752 bottles in it’s semi-circular design.

REVEL wine cellar

Protected by glass door entry, the illuminated wood shelving and storage can be seen through interior windows inset in the walls of the dining room.

underground wine cellars

8. Designed by Cool Wine Cellar, this freestanding glass enclosed cellar has been constructed in the basement of a private home.

freestanding glass enclosed wine cellar

9. Designed by Joseph & Curtis, this New York understair wine cellar is a perfect example of the design and engineering expertise that the custom builders bring to projects.

understair wine cellar

The client had several people look at the space and were told ‘it can’t be done, there is no place to locate a cooling system and vent hot air.’ So Joseph & Curtis customized a cooling system and designed a venting system which they now consider a trade secret.

unusual wine cellars

The result is a centerpiece to the first floor of this NYC duplex that features a polished chrome interior, Starphire glass & LED lighting to store & display the homeowners impressive wine collection.

10. Of all the wine cellars out there, Spiral Cellars of the UK makes the most unusual.

in the floor wine cellar

Set below ground, they offer three styles and three different depths of the cylindrical underground cellars to hold different numbers of bottles. Hinged or sliding doors (which can be transparent or solid) are available and each has wide steps for an easy descent.

spiral wine cellars

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