Inside-Out Furniture Collection

inside-out furniture

The Inside-Out Furniture Collection is a collaboration between designers Sergio Mannino and Thomas Lehman.

It’s composed of two pieces: Lungo, a cabinet and Largo, a sideboard. Both were inspired by Italian Modernist and furniture designer Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione**, a 1970s collection of ready madefurniture.

Inside-Out Furniture Collection

This furniture series plays with the ready made language of Italian maestro Enzo Mari, beginning with rough and slightly Primitive construction opening to reveal a gemlike surprise of intense color applied to the highly refined interiors.

Enzo Mari with models of his ready made furniture, 1974

The Lungo Bar Cabinet’s exterior front and back are crafted in a rough natural, unlacquered birch wood:

Inside is a contrasting interior of a highly refined shiny lacquer green (Pantone 388C).

Lungo, Inside-Out Cabinet
Dimensions: 5’1″H x 3’W x 1’4″D.

The Largo sideboard / buffet / credenza also has the same rough, unlaquered natural birch wood exterior as the Lungo on the front and back of the piece:

Inside the Largo, the interior is a fine, is a shiny lacquered pink (Pantone 211C):

italian credenza

Largo, Inside-Out Sideboard
Dimensions: 6’W x 1’1″D x 2’H

In both Lungo and Largo pieces the shelves are removable, but not adjustable.

Because of the designers choice to keep the exterior less refined, the wood might have small natural imperfections. This is a made to order piece. Wood grain and shade may differ from what is shown here.

Designed by Sergio Mannino and Thomas Lehman.

Both pieces are offered  here from Sergio Mannino Studio

** The 19 ‘do-it-yourself’ furniture designs, which the Italian Designer Enzo Mari published in his book ‘Autoprogettazione’ in 1974, marks a milestone in the contemporary design history. Positioned in contrast to the formalism at the time, Enzo Mari suggests the democratization of design and creating a provoking alternative to the capitalist paradigm of mass consumption. Building your own furniture, when required, that’s the idea.