Incredible Sound Mix and Editing Give New Life To Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. in Boo Bass

boo bass remix by pogo

This three and a half minute visual and audio re-invention really impressed me. Boo Bass, an awesome remix by Nick Bertke, is a catchy composition using sounds from Disney Pixar’s ‘Monsters, Inc.’ with fantastically edited footage from the 2001 movie by David Kabisch.

The Boo Bass Remix

Nick, known as Pogo, records sounds from his favourite games and movies and pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle to create completely new music. His videos have collected over 40 million views on YouTube, and he’s produced remixes for Disney Pixar, Microsoft, Showtime, the United Nations and more.

The Boo Bass Remix

See his work here. And check out more of the editing work of David Kabisch aka goldpikpikcarrots on his YouTube channel here You can download this great remix here