Three Very Different Artists Use Hubcaps As Canvas

Hubcap Artists

There are many hubcap artists out there, but I want to introduce you to three of my favorites. Their styles differ dramatically, but all of them upcycle the found or discarded metal wheels as backgrounds for their hand-painting.

Hubcap Artists

Skreative Hubcaps
Unfortunately Skreative’s website is very vague when it comes to information. Written in the first person with the screen name luv2tri, they neglected to list their real name or any pertinent info. That said, the blog seems to have been abandoned but the hubcaps featuring birds and sea creatures are still posted. From what I can glean, these lovely personal projects were created as gifts for friends.

Octopus hubcap
bluebird and berries hubcap
hummingbird hubcap
flying owl hubcap
koi hubcap
See more at Skreative

Elin Hunter’s Spiritual Hubcaps
These “spiritual” hubcaps feature various Gods, Goddesses, Angels and more. The Brooklyn born artist studied at Pratt Institute and in addition to painting, she is also the lead vocalist, writer and manager of Farrah Fire.

Ganesh Blesses Watering Hole elin hunter
Bird of Protection painted hubcaps
Shiva the Goddess of Destruction
Chhepu the Brave and True
Sacred Elephant
Toll of the Bells
See more of her work at Elin Hunter

ReHubs! by Andrea F. Deagle
The only one of the three who sells her hubcap art online, Andrea hails from Williamsburg, Virgina. After working for years in the hotel industry, Andrea, who is fond of all sorts of crafts, is currently painting and selling her charming hubcap art which consist of bright colors and cheery subjects.

Blue Blossom daffodils Purple Passion (clematis flowers) hubcap rt sunny Day hubcap Unity
Shop for ReHubs painted hubcaps here

all images courtesy of the individual artists