Win Your Own Talking Hovering Art Direction Action Figure.

Hovering Art Director Action Figure

ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen and Adobe have launched a competition whose prize is a talking “Hovering Art Director” action figure. The fun contest promotes the benefits of Adobe Stock, the stock-integrated service for Creative Cloud that can make designers’ workflow easier.

Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Any creative knows to what Adobe and ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen are referring. We’ve all experienced the “hovering” partner, creative director, copywriter and art director. Feeling their breath upon your neck as they offer unsolicited advice while you work. Nothing is more simultaneously unnerving and anxiety-inducing.

The Action Figure is a 7-inch molded creative visionary who’s here to give you a little help — even if you didn’t ask for it. Poke him and he’ll share his brilliant feedback, like “just make it pop.”

Shaped and designed in collaboration with design studio YumYum London, the Hovering Art Director spouts 19 lines of wisdom, thought up by the creatives at ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen. But you can submit your best Hovering Art Director line for a chance to win your own talking action figure.

We turned an everyday situation that pretty much all designers can relate to into a campaign for Adobe Stock,” says Daniël Sytsma (Hovering) Creative Director ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen. “The idea resonated so much in the creative industry that we just had to go one step further and make a limited edition Hovering Art Director action figure that any agency can try to get their hands on.

The competition, which ends on May 24th, gives designers and creatives a chance to enter their favorite sayings at and share them on social media. The best submissions will chosen by a real-life team of art directors.

The Hovering Art Director comes in Adobe-branded packaging that tells the story of Adobe Stock and makes it feel like a true collectible that designers will covet. Brandishing all the clichés of a proper art director, he dons tattoos, facial hair, limited-edition kicks, skinny jeans, and the ubiquitous fair trade, cup of coffee.

Hovering Art Director