Hollywood Signs In Places Other Than Hollywood.

hollywood signs in other places

The HOLLYWOOD SIGN. To some it conjures up the golden era of moviemaking and to others, it represents everything from oppression to scandal. But that doesn’t stop artists and creative people from appropriating the iconic emblem of Los Angeles’ movie-making industry for their own.

Hollywood Signs In Places Other Than Hollywood

These are NOT digital art. Nor AI. We didn’t just cut and paste the Hollywood sign into other locations (although there are lots of those out there). Nor are these homages where other cities have erected the names of their own towns on hillsides like these in Transylvania.

These are actual Hollywood signs in places other than Hollywood. Three dimensional erected letters that spell out Hollywood were inspired by the original in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, but these are installed in Italy, Ireland, India, Estonia, Florida and Russia.

The Original in Hollywood:

Hollywood Signs In Places Other Than Hollywood
top: The 1923 original hollywood sign dedication; bottom: the as it stands now

Originally erected in 1923, the “billboard” was massive and read Hollywoodland. Each of the original 13 letters was 30 feet wide and approximately 43 feet tall, constructed of 3×9′ metal squares rigged together by an intricate frame of scaffolding, pipes, wires and telephone poles.

In Italy – by artist Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan's installation seen on the hills of Palermo.
Maurizio Cattelan’s installation seen on the hills of Palermo.

Back in 2001, artist Maurizio Cattelan was to participate in the 49th Venice Biennale. Weary of his fourth time participating in the event, he wished to move the context of his participation to the city of Palermo, Sicily.

Maurizio Cattelan, Hollywood sign in Palermo, Italy, 2001
Maurizio Cattelan, Hollywood sign in Palermo, Italy, 2001

There he constructed a perfect copy of the “Hollywood” sign situated on the hills of Los Angeles. This huge installation, constructed near the municipal dump, measures 22 meters tall by 180 meters long and is still standing.

hollywood signs

Photographic prints of the installation are available through Galerie Perrotin.

In Ireland – by Tommy Tutty

hollywood sign in Ireland

Hollywood is a picturesque village at the end of the Wicklow Gap road in Ireland with a population of less the 100 people. There is a great feeling of pride in the village that its name gave rise to Hollywood, USA. Although a lot of people in Co. Wicklow know of the Los Angeles connection, it’s not common knowledge in this country or abroad.

Hollywood sign in Ireland
Hollywood sign in Ireland

Locals erected the replica of the iconic Hollywood sign in the hills above the small town. The Hollywood sign, measuring 1.8m high and 14m long, it can, says its creator Tommy Tutty, be seen from as far away as Kilcullen near the Curragh in Co Kildare.

photo courtesy of brettcella

In India – Ramoji Film City

Hollywood sign in India

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is India’s answer to our Universal Studios. Spread across a sprawling 2000 acres Ramoji Film City, set up in 1996, has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest Filmstudio complex.

other hollywood signs

It’s said that in Ramoji Film City, a filmmaker can walk in with a script and walk out with film. For the others, Ramoji Film City is a wonderland amusement park where 1.5 million tourists build memories every year.

In Russia – in irony

Reddit user Denek64 spotted this miniature version atop a mound of dirt in Russia.

Reddit user Denek64 spotted this miniature version atop a mound of dirt in Russia

In Estonia – Fake Hollywood Sign

A fake Hollywood sign Spotted in Estonia by Software developer and Flickr pro photographer Tarmo from Tallin, Estonia.

Hollywood sign in Estonia

In Florida – Movie Promotion

In 2012, at Florida’s Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park, a replica ‘Hollywood’ sign appeared on top of the site as a prop for the then soon-to-be-released film ‘Rock of Ages’ starring Tom Cruise.

hollywood sign at Florida's Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park

The 20′ tall letters were removed after only a month of appearing atop the Florida dump site nicknamed ‘Mount Trashmore.’

Learn more about the original sign here.

Now you can get your own!
This 10′ long to-scale version was created as an artist’s model from which to make larger versions. Letters are approximately 13.5″ inches tall and perfect scale. Made of wood with attached metal rods for planting into the ground, it’s great for parties or as outdoor sculpture.

Artist 3D model hollywood sign IIHIH

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