Hilarious Tear-Out Card Books For The Sorry, The Snarky, The Sex-Starved and The Stupid.

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Need to apologize for an awkward situation, say something sarcastic, hit on someone subtly or let an idiot know you didn’t like the way they parked? Let these cards do it for you. Witty, cute and bound in a coupon-like book, these four tear-out card books make great gifts for anyone – especially yourself.

Sorry I Had Sex on Your Bed: And Other Tear-Out Apologies for Your Awkward Screwups
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A hilarious collection of snarky mea culpa cards to be torn out and given to wronged friends, coworkers, and family members. Includes “I’m sorry I tagged that picture of you on Facebook” and “I’m sorry I tried to spice things up without asking first.” Embellished with iconic retro photographs, these perforated tear-out pseudo-apologies are perfect for avoiding confrontation and easing the situation by putting a smile on the victim’s face.

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Each card has a specific image that complements its corresponding apology — a picture of a 1970s dad grilling up a steak in the backyard that reads, “I’m sorry I forgot you were vegan,” or a shot of a 1950s couple, complete with poodle skirt and letterman jacket, standing in front of a house with a white picket fence, that says, “I’m sorry your parents think I’m a tramp.”
BUY: Sorry I Had Sex on Your Bed: And Other Tearout Apologies for Your Awkward ScrewupsSeriously?! Delightfully Passive Aggressive Cards
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A riotous collection of cards designed to be left for roommates, frenemies, coworkers, strangers, and neighbors who’ve Gone. Too. Far. Examples: “Maybe tomorrow I could pet your elephants? –your downstairs neighbor” and “Touch my lunch again and I’ll cut you.” Everyone’s had that one roommate who habitually leaves a stack of dishes in the sink, the annoying coworker who sends a torrent of pointless e-mails throughout the day, or the inconsiderate neighbors who stomp around on the ceiling like they’ve got lead blocks for feet.
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But, seriously, who wants to be the one to go call them out in face-to-face confrontation? Fear not! Seriously?! has the answer. This pack solves every obnoxious situation with 20 tear-out cards delivering devastatingly snarky, funny, and downright passive-aggressive notes, reminders, and slams to give to people who just don’t see how far over the line they’ve gone.
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A witty collection of cards to capture the attention of someone new. Favorites include “This is me flirting with you…” and “It was either this or a Missed Connection.” Each unique tear-out card in You’re Cute offers you a fun and disarming way to approach that stunning man or woman that has caught your eye. Ranging from charming, friendly and laugh-out-loud funny to intriguing, enchanting and down-right sexy, these tiny, wallet-sized cards are perfect for parties, coffee shops, bars or anywhere else you might spot that special somebody.
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Forget using an old cliché such as “Can I buy you a drink?” “Come here often?” and “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” when one of these creative alternatives is much more likely to start a conversation. They’re ideal for a woman who’s looking to make the first move in a smart, stylish and sexy manner, and for a man wanting a totally original way to get a woman laughing right off the bat.
BUY: You’re Cute: Cards to Break the IceParking Tickets: For Those Who’ve Crossed the Line
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A humorous collection of snarky cards for drivers of badly parked cars, such as “I used to park like this. Then I turned 6.” Did someone park his Miata parallel across the last three perpendicular spaces? And there’s no parking enforcement around to bust him? No problem. Thanks to Parking Tickets readers can issue a cleverly designed and perfectly humiliating “fine” to the inconsiderate owner. There are simple messages —“You’re a space hog” — angry cards — “It was either this or a crowbar through your window” — and sarcastic tickets —“Hope you’re better between the sheets than you are between the lines.”
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Together they provide good parkers an outlet to vent their frustrations toward people who deserve it, and maybe raise that driver’s consciousness. Wallet-sized to fit in a pocket, purse, or glove box, Parking Tickets has tailor-made insults for every poor parking job. So next time someone parks four feet from the curb in front of the office, try “Didn’t know it was national ‘Let Your Child Drive to Work Day.’”
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Each costs $7.95, and that’s a worthwhile investment.