Tattooed Porcelain Figurines by Jessica Harrison. Flash Opens at Galerie L.J.

Jessica Harrison FLASH exhibit

Tattooed porcelain figurines by Jessica Harrison are featured in the Scottish artist’s first solo exhibition at Paris’ Galerie L.J.

Jessica Harrison Flash Exhibit

Jessica Harrison FLASH exhibit

The exhibit, titled FLASH, features yet another incarnation of Jessica’s manipulated porcelain works. Earlier works by the artist –Broken Ladies– were of mutilated, decapitated and maimed female figurines. This time the classic porcelain ladies are tattooed with traditional sailor symbolism (Clipper ships, swallows, skulls, hearts, etc). These “Painted Ladies”, as they are called, are found objects the artist then alters.

jessica harrison tattooed porcelain figurines

Jessica Harrison FLASH exhibit

Flash tattooed porcelain figurines

Below are several images from the pieces as they appear in the exhibit:
tattooed porcelain figurines

jessica harrison painted ladies

jessica harrison painted ladies 3 IIHIH

Jessica Harrison Painted Ladies

jessica harrison painted ladies 5 IIHIH

essica harrison tattooed porcelain

jessica harrison painted ladies

jessica harrison painted ladies 8 IIHIH

jessica harrison painted ladies 9 IIHIH

jessica harrison Flash

jessica harrison painted ladies 11 IIHIH

jessica harrison tattooed porcelain

The Jessica Harrison FLASH exhibit runs from May 15 through June 24th at Galerie L.J., 12 rue commines, 75003 Paris, France
jessica harrison galerie show invite IIHIH

Jessica Harrison

info and images are courtesy of Galerie L.J.