BIRKINstocks! Sandals Made From Real Hermès Birkin Bags

MSCHF Birkinstocks sandals-made-from-birkin-bags

BAM! From Granola to Glam. MSCHF has upcycled the ‘hippie’ Birkenstock sandal into a pair of über exclusive and expensive shoes made from real, destroyed Hermes Birkin Bags – the penultimate status symbol of the wealthy- and calls them Birkinstocks. Read more

Hermes Baseball Glove and Bat Are Priced Out Of The Park at $16,000

Hermes Baseball Glove and Bat

Ever wonder what a $14,100 baseball glove looks like? Or a $2000 bat? I did. So now I’m gonna show you. Read more

Hermes Re-Opens On Rodeo Drive With A New Store and A $12,900 Basketball.


Slated to open on September 4th, after an 18 month renovation, French luxury brand Hermes will re-open the doors of their overhauled store located at 434 N. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Read more

Prestigious Pill-Popping. Designer Drugs by Desire Obtain Cherish.

Addicted to fashion, luxury or status? These sculptures of blister packs of pills with recognizable logos from luxury brands Hermes, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton are UV cast in resin by the Los Angeles based artist Desire Obtain Cherish. Read more

Leather Animals In A Paper Jungle For Hermès Window Installation.

hermes leather jungle animals for window installation

For its 13th Carte Blanche, the Hermès store at Hong Kong International Airport is exhibiting a piece by French artists Zim and Zou,’The Eternal Jungle’, which is an invitation into the wild. Read more

Beautiful Cut Paper Animal Masks by Flurry & Salk.

Flurry and Salk Ram
above: cut paper Ram mask designed for Hermes.

Meet Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry. Nikki is an artist and fashion blogger, Amy is a freelance writer, editor and stylist. In January, 2010 the two women founded the Paper-Cut-Project, a company that conceives art direction and highly crafted installations in paper for window installations, runway, catalog and advertising campaigns. Read more

Gucci, Dior, Hermes Designer Christmas Trees. The 15th Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs.

15th les sapins de noel des createurs

On December 1st, 2010 the 15th anniversary of the association “Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs” was celebrated at L’Espace Vendôme. The event takes place each year in France where fashion designers, architects and artists create their versions of Christmas Trees to be auctioned off for charity. Read more

Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton & More Designers Create Christmas Trees For Charity

above: Louis Vuitton 2009 Christmas Tree

The 14th Les Sapins de Noel des Createurs (Designer Christmas Trees) Charity Auction by the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation was held on December 8, 2009 in Paris, France. Read more