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The Hello House by OOF! Architecture

The hello house by OOF architecture

The Hello House by OOF! Architecture is a cozy little habitat in Melbourne with a friendly facade that spells out “hello” in white brick.

The Hello House by OOF Architecture

ext facade 2 IIHIH

The Hello House by OOF! Architecture of Australia is a two-bedroom Victorian-era home and creative studio (and former shop) in Richmond, Melbourne (VIC), Australia. Most noticeably, the home features a large, white-brick wall featuring the word ‘HELLO’, that greets the neighboring buildings and the towns’ residents.

hello house ext facade 3 IIHIH
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hello house neighborhood

The unusual building is described by the architects as “a skin of brick is all it takes to keep a secret and two worlds exist happily side by side with a public face that cheerfully greets the street while giving nothing away about the world behind”

hello house ext 2 IIHIH
hello house ext 1 IIHIH

Inside, the house adjusts to the needs and moods of its residents – a cozy retreat in winter or an airy pavilion in summer – all secret from the outside world.

front door IIHIH hello house interior 1 IIHIH hello house kitchen modern kitchen interior of hello househello house details int cabinets and detail IIHIHOOF HELLO+HOUSE bathroom

Rather than blending in or blanding out of its neighborhood, Hello House is a slightly loud but friendly new face in the street.

hello house ext facade 1 IIHIH

Design Team:
Architect: Fooi-Ling Khoo
Planning + Heritage: David Brand
Collaborating Artist: Rose Nolan
Engineer: A M Daly Structural & Civil Engineers
Building Surveyor: Anthony Middling & Associates

Construction Team:
Builder: Anthony Adams | Complete Builders Insight
Bricklayer: R & K Fuchshofer
Joiner: M & J Cabinets
Electrician: Linked Electrical Services
Painter: All Shades Painting

Photographs by Nic Granleese.

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