Jason, Freddy, Ghostface and Michael Myers Halloween Thriller Dance

A little Halloween fun for you from Tik Tok user Dimitri Beauchamp. First up, we’ve got Ghostface and Michael Myers doing a lil’ dance to Thriller and if that weren’t cool enough, Jason and Freddy started kickin’ up their feet! Read more

Halloween is Canceled – A timely short by Andrew Kasch

andrew kasch Halloween is canceled

The collection of horror shorts from JUST SCARE ME on Vimeo is an artist accountability group where each member has to direct a short horror film in two months or they owe the group $100. A fun idea yielding spooky results, one of which is this three minute parody of the famous Halloween movie franchise by Andrew Kasch. Read more

Nike Drops Two New Spooky Sneakers for Halloween

Nike Halloween Sneakers

It’s become an annual tradition for many sneaker brands to release special kicks around Halloween and this year Nike will release two new spooky versions of previous styles, both with glow-in-the-dark soles. A reimagined slimy version of the Air Max 97 and a bone-chilling version of Air Force 1 in orange. Read more

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos

By now, most everyone in the world is familiar with the Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Most people recognize the beautiful sugar skulls, the colorful clothing and makeup, mariachi bands and celebratory signs – but know little of the actual holiday. Read more

When Jackie Kennedy Dressed As a Black Ghost For Halloween

Jean Kennedy Smith, Steve Smith, Jr., Caroline Kennedy, and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy pose in Halloween costumes with President John F. Kennedy at the White House, 1962

It was while doing research for yesterday’s post about White House Halloween decorations throughout history that I came upon what has got to be the strangest Halloween costume ever worn by a First Lady. Make that the strangest Halloween costume ever worn by any inhabitant of the White House. Read more

The Trumps Win When It Comes To Being Presidentially Spooky

To compliment POTUS, FLOTUS and this administration in any way whatsoever is a difficult thing for this liberal blog. We are fundamentally opposed to many of their policies and disgusted by much of their rhetoric. That said, when it comes to decorating the exterior of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. the 54th President, whose own head looks like a jack-o-lantern, has the Obamas and all the administrations before him beat by a mile. Read more

The Wyeths Penchant for Pumpkin Painting and Halloween

wyeth family pumpkin paintings
Andrew Wyeth, Mischief Night, 2002, watercolor on paper, private collection
Jamie Wyeth, Mischief Night, 1986, Mixed media on paper, 22.5” x 31”

If you’re at all familiar with American Art, you know the work of at least one of the Wyeths. The Wyeths are America’s most famous multi-generational family of artists. Beginning with illustrator and painter Newell Convers “N.C.” Wyeth (1882–1945) in the late 1800s, the family has spawned four generations of reputable artists. The artistic bloodline has continued not only through N. C. Wyeth’s youngest and most famous son, the late Andrew, directly down to Andrew’s son Jamie, but also to Andrew’s sisters Carolyn and Henriette, their spouses and their offspring as well. Read more

The Norton Family Pumpkin Dunk Pics Go Viral

Norton Family Pumpkin Dunk Pics

We don’t know these people but we want to. Mark and Sidney Norton of Aylesford, Nova Scotia and their kids have made hundreds of thousands of new friends in the past 48 hours. At least on social media. Their “Family Pumpkin Dunk” photo album posted on Facebook had over 140,000 shares on Facebook as of 4 p.m. Friday. Read more