Hair Dryers That Will Blow Your Mind From Ferrari, 2Much, Barbie, Ed Hardy and More.

Designer Hair Dryers

Seems like lately everything utilitarian is getting into “design” and hair care tools are no exception. Blow Dryers from high-end salon brands like BaByliss, T3, Conair and even custom ones by designers are hitting the market.

Designer Hair Dryers

The first one I’m sharing with you is more about what’s inside the dryer than the look of it.

Hair Dryers with engines made of actual Ferrari parts:

In 2010, a unique collaboration between BaByliss and Ferrari brought together the technological and engineering expertise of these two industry giants. The result puts the world’s first Ferrari-inspired high performance engine into a professional hair appliance.

above left image courtesy of ModernSalon

Designed for maximum airflow, minimum weight, low vibration, extended life and turbo-speed power, the Ferrari engine makes this BaBylissPRO the ultimate drying machine, and creates a brand new category in styling: the performance luxury dryer.

Ferrari and BaByliss, both noted for speed, power and performance, are recognized and respected around the world. As a sponsor of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Championship, BaByliss is proud to lend its support to the greatest name in racing.

The BaByliss®PRO VOLARE comes in two sizes –a medium and a compact one- and in two colours –in black and in the worldwide original FERRARI red colour- and is the world’s first professional luxury hair dryer driven by a FERRARI engine.

The V1 – Ferrari designed engine Hair Dryers:

The V2 – Ferrari designed engine Hair Dryers:

Shop for the Ferrari Babybliss Blow dryers here

The following hair dryers have all jumped on the Graffiti and Tattoo inspired bandwagon.

Custom Graffiti Hair Dryer
This custom hair dryer by Patrik Blundell of 2much was exclusively made for Millenium Hair Design and is embellished with Graffiti:
custom graffiti hair dryer

Ed Hardy Geisha Hair Dryer:
Ed Hardy Geisha Hair DryerEd Hardy Geisha Hair Dryer
Buy the Ed Hardy Geisha Hair Dryer here

Dragon and Koi hair Dryers by Hair Religion:

hair religion blow dryerhair religion blow dryer

Buy the Dragon Hair Dryer here
Buy the Koi Hair Dryer Here

The TS 2 Vintage Hair Dryer:
TS 2 Vintage Hair Dryer

The following are simply hair dryers worth noting.

The Special Edition T3 Barbie Hair Dryer:
The Special Edition T3 Barbie Hair Dryer
The T3 Barbie Hair Dryer has since been discontinued. Shop other T3 Hair dryers here.

For when you’re really packing heat, The 357 Magnum hair dryer:
The 357 Magnum hair dryerThe 357 Magnum hair dryer
above images courtesy of this etsy listing.

There’s also a similar hair dryer with various colored handles called the Western hair dryer.

And of course, there’s a Swarovski Crystal Clad hair dryer by 77th and Park. The 1871 watt Ionic hair dryer comes in 3 color variations and comes in an alligator bag:
Swarovski Crystal hair dryerSwarovski Crystal hair dryerSwarovski Crystal hair dryer

Not quite as blingy, and certainly not nearly as expensive is the Conair 213L Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Infiniti Dryer:

Conair 213L Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Infiniti Dryer:Conair 213L Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Infiniti Dryer

Of course there are hundreds of interesting concept designs for hair dryers, but I wanted to you to see the actual produced ones.
Now, go blow.