The Leaf Swing & Leaf Hammock For Adults By Alberto Sanchez

Leaf Swing and Leaf Hammock

Inspired by the falling leaves of Autumn, Alberto Sanchez of mutdesign first designed a Leaf Swing, and now a Leaf Hammock, both intended for adults.

Leaf Swing and Leaf Hammock

Leaf Swing and Leaf Hammock

The poetic and romantic looking swing, initially conceived of in 2008, has since been refined to be thicker and include a self-supporting stand.

Leaf swings IIHIH

In addition, the swing has been joined in 2010 by the Hammon, a complimentary hammock for the collection. Both the Leaf Swing & Leaf Hammock are made of a specially laminated material called Wave by IVF, in which the shapes of leaves are cut out, creating both an aesthetically pleasing design and beautiful shadows.

leaf hammock

The Leaf Swing as conceived of in 2008:

And now thicker, with self-supporting stand:

The Hammon Leaf Hammock:

The Leaf Swing was introduced in 2008 at Salon Satellite 08 (Saloni Internazionale del Mobile de Milano), 100% Design London, HabitatValencia Forward (Salon Nude) and Salone Satellite in 2010.

COLORS: You can choose any color and texture in a range from the WAVE Catalogue
DIMENSIONS: (700 X 300 X 350)mm

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all images and info courtesy of Alberto Sanchez. Special thanks to Industrial Served and Behance.