Paradise Is The Wall House in Portugal With Two Perpendicular Pools

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With 2 swimming pools, one of which has a glass bottom and floats above the other, the concrete, wood and glass Wall House in Portugal designed by Guedes Cruz Architects is a bit of Paradise perched on a golf course.

Guedes Cruz Wall House

Guedes Cruz Wall House

Guedes Cruz Wall House

A large modern concrete, glass and wood home, the Wall House is most distinguishable by its two exterior swimming pools.

Anchored by a large patio that opens to the outdoors, the home’s pools run perpendicular to each other, the above pool with a glass bottom from which you can see the lower pool.

The Pools and Patio

concrete architecture

swimming pool design

Guedes Cruz Wall House

beautiful pools

glass bottom pool

house with 2 pools

Luxury homes

modern pool designs

concrete architecture

The homes’ exterior walls of slatted wood close off to provide privacy and protection from the strong Atlantic winds.

unusual pools

A large wall of glass on one side serves as a giant window that can open the home to the golf course and scenery.

modern home on golf course

modern concrete and glass house

modern architecture

Wood slat walkways connect the homes’ interior spaces.

wood slat walkways

residential architecture

Guedes Cruz Wall House

Guedes Cruz Wall House

And several of the homes exterior walls are covered with living plants.

luxury homes

glass bottom pool

Interior Images
glass walled corridor

wine cellar Guedes Cruz Wall House

modern bath

modern kitchen design

Images of the Wall House at night:
luxury home with pool

pool at night

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Area of the Plot: 2290m2
Construction Area: above ground – 532m2
below ground – 569m2
total – 1100m2

Guedes Cruz
José Guedes Cruz
Marco Martinez Marinho
Cesar Marques

Architecture Collaborators: Patrícia Maria Matos, Nelson Aranha
Construction company: Houselook
Landscaping: Guedes Cruz Arquitectos
Structure: PPE
Special installations: Espaço Energia
Supervision: Guedes Cruz Arquitectos

Cascais, Portugal

beautiful photos by Ricardo Oliveira Alves