A Truly Twisted Tale of A Teen’s First Kiss: Grace by Tomas Mankovsky

Grace short film by Tomas Mankovsky

Grace, a short film by Blink, is a truly twisted tale of a first kiss.

Grace by Tomas Mankovsky

Directed by Tomas Mankovsky, this haunting short film, ‘Grace’ was inspired by true events (explained further in the post). The film tells the story of two teens exploring young love. But not everything is what it seems.

The true story of ‘Lipstick Boy’ which inspired the film:
Father and son discovered in car crash, weeks after initial disappearance
Clive Rupertson, News correspondent for the BBC, 23 October 1997

Officers left puzzled after fresh lipstick marks found on young boy’s body.

The bodies of two individuals have been found in the Kendal region, 2 weeks after their initial disappearance. John Lee, 52, and son Connor, 14, had not been seen since visiting family on 2nd October. Despite extensive searches of the area, their bodies were not found until 18th October. The two bodies were discovered at the scene of a car crash, in rough terrain near Windermere.

The coroner concluded that the two died in a car accident, but the cause of the accident was never confirmed. The mystery is not how the pair died, but that there was a kiss mark left near the corner of the boy’s mouth in bright red lipstick, and after examination, it was determined it had been applied at least 10 days after the accident, when he was already dead.

car from john and conner lee incident in 1997
actual crash scene photo of the car from the john and conner lee incident in 1997

Forensic and post-mortem investigations carried out revealed traces of fresh lipstick on the lips of Connor Lee, who died instantly. Forensic testing indicated that the lipstick, a brand popular with pre-teens, had been applied 10-14 days after the car accident.

Police are treating the deaths as an accident, though currently describe the case as ‘highly unusual’. They are appealing to the general public for any information that may aid the investigation. The cause of the car crash remains inconclusive. There are no survivors from the accident. John and Connor Lee leave behind wife and mother Anne Lee, 46.

The case has yet to be solved.

About Blink:
Blink is an award-winning British commercial production company based in London.

Since its launch in 1985, Blink has become recognised for discovering and fostering new creative talent and launching the careers of many acclaimed directors.

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Today, Blink is one of the industry’s most respected production companies.
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