Haunting Photographic-based Digital Art by Ransom & Mitchell

photographic dgital art by R&M

Last year around Halloween I treated you to the freakishly fabulous side show art of Ransom & Mitchell. Given that their work is perfectly suited to this time of year, I wanted to share with you more of their hauntingly beautiful photographic-based digital art.

Photographic-based Digital Art

The images shown here are plucked from their various collections, including Die Familie, Undertow and Artist Portraits

_DSC0360_FNL_wPFrm_29_100taur-6x9_2011rm_LaChatNoir4FNLteketeke-1303t-182_2_1140wransom & mitchellR&Mransom and mitchellapardee-333_3_FNLrm_30_100taur_8x12_2011TheDarklings_1FLTrm_21charm-dark_8x12_2011df-dc-1303t-126_02-cm_DSC1169_CRAWWwide_wPF_DSC0345_1FNL_wPFTB_heart_5_FlatAbout Ransom & Mitchell

Ransom & Mitchell is a still + motion creative team in San Francisco featuring the combined talents of director – photographer Jason Mitchell and set designer – digital artist Stacey Ransom.

stacey and jason

Together they create highly-detailed and visually-lush photographic-based digital art scenarios and portraits. Their work is narrative in nature and draws upon the darker undercurrent that exists within all aspects of society. Their process is a combination of cinematic lighting, theatrically-designed sets, hand-crafted custom props, and CG, which is digitally composited and painted with an illustrative approach inspired by the Italian and Dutch Master painters. They aim to blur the lines between traditional photography and classical painting to create worlds that cannot exist (and quite possibly shouldn’t).

• You can purchase some of their prints, cards and more here

• A list of their upcoming events and past exhibitions can be found here

• Please contact them if you would like to discuss a commercial job, fine art commision, or to show their work.


Happy Halloween!

all images and information courtesy of Ransom & Mitchell