Fontastic Christmas: 10 Great Gifts for Type Lovers

gifts for type lovers

Letters, numbers and punctuation are more than just glyphs to lovers of typography. And there’s a lot of us out there as you can tell by the following fontastic products. If you know someone who appreciates font design, here’s a round up of ten great gifts for type lovers.

Gifts for Type Lovers

1. Be Bold or Italic, Never Regular, Zipper Pouch By Blue Q
A little bit of type humor is featured on this zippered pouch from Blue Q. Use it for makeup, pencils, tampons, whatever you need,

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2. The Vintage Arne Jacobsen Melamine Alphabet Plate
The Typographic products from Scandinavia’s Design Letters features the elegant sans serif lettering of designer Arne Jacobsen. They carry the actual vintage products from the collection as well as some melamine editions. Here’s the melamine dinner plate measuring 20 x 1.2 cm.

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Also available are porcelain mugs with individual letters, find those here.

3. Looodus Font Puzzles, handmade in Italy
I just adore these stunning handmade wooden font puzzles from Italy. Lasercut from local and certified wood and lacquered, they come in either reds or blue-greens.
typography lovers
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4. Fred & Friends AND ANOTHER? Ampersand Bottle Opener
The aluminum Ampersand measures 4.5 x .60 x 4.3 and comes in a nice black gift box. Now you can open bottles with character.

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Also worth considering are Fred & Friends Letterpress type-style Cookie Cutters

5. The Typography Coloring Book: Creative Coloring for Grown-ups
This coloring book by Gillian Johnson features 208 pages of all types of fonts,

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6. Old School Magnets By GAMAGO are a set of Graffiti-Inspired Alphabet Magnets
Forget the childish brightly colored magnetic fridge letters. Now there’s the “old school” magnets. Inspired by graffiti and tattoo art, the black alphabet is in an all caps in a modernized version of the Fraktur typeface.
graffiti font magnets
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7. Kit Heinrich’s classic 2017 Typography Calendar 22″ x 33″
Studio Heinrich has been putting out their Typography Calendar for decades. Each month features a different font cleanly laid out on a white background. A favorite of designers.
modern design calendars
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8. Punctuation Ornaments
Exclaim your love of type with these glittery punctuation ornaments by Accoutrements.
punctuation ornaments
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9. Arne Jacobsen Tea Towel Set
Made exclusively for MoMA, this pair of tea towels features the same elegant Arne Jacobsen typeface as the products from Design Letters.
typographic tea towels
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10. Mondaine’s Helvetica Watches
This collection of watches is based on the world’s most popular and timeless font, Helevtica. Shown below is the
Mondaine Unisex MH1.R2210.LB Helvetica No1 Regular Analog Swiss Quartz Black Leather Watch, but there are several styles and sizes for men and women, all of which you can find here
helvetica watches
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