Books Become Planters At Gartenkultur Of Italy

gartenkultur book planters

Gartenkultur of Italy has found a way to repurpose and recycle old hardback books. By drilling all the way through a book (or a stack of books glued together) adding a mesh net and some dirt, they become planters. Succulents, bonsai trees and other small greenery can happily live in these novel homes.

Gartenkultur Book Planters

Gartenkultur Book Plantersbonsai book planter

The pages do not get wet when watered because each book is covered with an insulating material. If the plant dies, you can simply put in a new one.

upcycled books repurposed books book planters
book planters

Making the planters in Italy:

Gartenkultur will soon be opening an online store, but for now you can order them (or have a custom one made from your favorite book) by contacting them directly.

Perhaps you will no longer need to talk to your plants since they may be doing some heavy reading of their own. Order them here.

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