Funky Find Of The Week: Fun Furniture From Feek

Fun Furniture From Feek

Fun Furniture From Feek! Some sweet seating: The Chunk Bar and Chunk One are hard coated foam seating modeled after chocolate bars. These are actual available products for purchase. Whether you like white or dark chocolate, a sofa or a single stool, they are delicious looking:

Fun Furniture From Feek

Fun Furniture From Feek

FEEK COATED FOAM is a range of polyurethane-based lacquer systems, which can be used in a flexible, functional and futuristic manner. It’s a material that will take on any shape, which can be supplied tailor-made regardless of the project and which is easy to maintain. Like a chameleon, it adapts to any architecture, whether for interior, shop or hotel designs, acoustic panels or visual projects. Starting with a simple hocker up to snake-like sofa, lounge furniture, room dividers, daybeds etc.

The Rocker C is a foam rocker of modern clean proportions, available in various colors.:
foam rockers

More products from Feek:
feek products
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About FEEK
Since 2003 is FEEK “the architect toolbox” as a pioneer in design furniture using surprising new materials. It all started with tailor-made coated foam products which after 5 years resulted in a completely new approach in the furniture-, interior- and building sector. FEEK offers a whole range of services of new to explore award winning designs, materials, products and processes. With FEEK you can start with an affordable “one-off” product up to a million!

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