Folk Gets Funky & Peasants Are Pretty In John Galliano’s Latest Collection

john galliano 2009 fashion show

Fashion designer John Galliano has just shown his Fall/Winter 2009 RTW collection and, in typical Galliano fashion, it’s quite fantastical. The line has a distinctively Baltic bent to it as it mixes brocades, embroidery, cashmere, coins and wild shoes to culminate in a Russian folkloric (and I swear I see a little Flemish in there), but fashionable style. Although it’s a “ready to wear” line, as opposed to haute couture, I don’t think you’ll see many people sporting these in your local grocery store.

John Galliano Fall Winter 2009 RTW Collection

As is his style, everything is considered from head to toe, literally. The headdresses harken back to historical ethnic inspiration from both religious and royal realms. And the shoes? Well, the shoes are wild, as you will see.

Layered materials punctuated with everything from rosaries as accessories, cog-like hardware, metallic threads and pom poms on the shoes distinguish this collection.

White mascara on the models with lips painted a la clara bow contribute to the unusual, but appealing overall look.

I’ve rounded up enough photos to do a post on just the makeup and hair, just the shoes OR just the clothing… but nothing does justice to Galliano’s creations like seeing all the parts together as a whole.

Get yourself a drink and settle in. I’ve got a lot of photos here.

The Clothes:

The Headdresses and Make-up:

The Details:

The Shoes:

and of course, the designer, the inimitable (and now we can add, anti-semitic), John Galliano:

John Galliano

The photos in this post are courtesy of both John Galliano, The AP and The full length runway photos were shot by Marco Madiera and the close ups of the details and models were shot by Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse.