Bela Borsodi Breathes Life Into Product Photography

Bela Borsodi Breathes Life Into Product Photography

Vienna born, New York based photographer Bela Borsodi has a unique approach to product photography. By incorporating three dimensional sculptural environments and unique materials, he builds mini sets that personify the products and turn what would be simple table top images into living breathing pieces of art.

Bela Borsodi Breathes Life Into Product Photography

Bela Borsodi Breathes Life Into Product Photography
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He has used everything from bent wire, cut paper, shadows, balloons, silhouettes, collage, suspension and more as homes for the products, turning such static items as diamonds and shoes into sculpture. In some instances, the inanimate objects become ‘people’, in others, the editorials are reminiscent of artful narratives. Some executions mix photography of models with animation, adding whimsy to what might otherwise be a typical fashion shot.

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He has such a large body of work, I wish I could share it all, but instead, I’ll show you some of my favorites from the past few years. Several blogs have featured the image that is on the home page of his site, but frankly, that’s nothing compared to much of his other work. In addition to his editorial work for magazines like Tatler, Wallpaper, V Magazine, and Elle, he has created advertising for such well known clients as Nike, Sportsac, Selfridges and Hermes.

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The work of Bela Borsodi

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Coincidentally, he collaborated with another photographer whose work I previously featured, Paul Graves, for several editorials in 2004 and 2005 – as in the “Inflated Egos” shown below.

He has some fabulous, but very sexually suggestive work, he’s created for Swedish and Danish publications (no surprise there, huh?). I will share with you some of the tamer executions (like the wonderful foot fetish editorial), but for the more risque ones, those you must go see on your own. be aware that the following images are NSFW.

I try to treat each of my projects equally and to make them interesting for myself. I always try to do something that can translate the joy and the intrigue that I experience when I am working on it. With commercial projects there is more responsibility involved with all the logistics and demands to deal with –but I believe in making images that inspire and tell stories, that touch and intrigue peoples’ minds and hearts. A fascinating image will always stand out and will be recognized –whether it is found in a commercial context or in a freer art context. I have the luck to work with interesting clients who trust me and understand what I am up to.” — Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi

Agent USA : Art-Department
Contact: Patrick O’Leary
tel (212) 925 4222
Agent FRANCE : Mily Kadz
Contact: Mily Kadz
Agent SWITZERLAND : BMR-Fotografen
Contact : Beatrice Mächler

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