Garden of Eames: Shell Chairs as Art by Chris LaBrooy

Eames Shell Chairs as Art

Garden Of Eames is an ongoing project by artist Chris LaBrooy in which he takes the well known Mid-century Modern Classic shell chairs designed by Charles Eames and reimagines, remixes and reinvents them as new objects and artworks.

Eames Shell Chairs as Art

We are big fans of Chris LaBrooy having posted twice about his work already. The Scotland based artist’s work explores typography, architecture, product design and visual arts.

Eames Shell Chairs as Art
Distorted and Embellished Eames chairs as Art (Rabbits and Grass)

By distorting, combining and embellishing the Eames shell chairs (the dining, the armchair and the rocker versions), LaBrooy turns the recognizable design icon into something entirely new. And fun. Take a look at the project thus far.

distorted eames rocker
Baby’s First Eames, The rocker becomes a cradle
Eames chairs with arms
Eames chairs with arms, kinda like a stripper pole
Eames chair dog house
Eames chair as Dog House
Eames chair as Tree
Eames chair as Tree
Eames Chair Sheep
Eames Sheep Chair
Eames Chair Loop
Eames Loop Chair
eames chairs with feet
Eames Chairs with Feet (Stomp)
distorted eames chairs by chris labrooy
Eames Chairs Distorted (lollipops)
Eames Chairs fiberglass sculpts
Eames Chairs fiberglass sculpts
Eames upholstered Rabbit Chairs
Eames upholstered Rabbit Chairs
eames chair sculptures
Shrinkwrapped Eames Chair (Dude)
Eames Chairs in Plastic Netting
Eames chair and log encased in resin
Eames Chairs Entwined (Interlock)
Eames chair shells in a greenhouse
Eames Chairs Graphics Remix
Eames Cat Chair
Eames Cat Chair

all images courtesy of Chris LaBrooy

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