Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You: Doug The Pug

The Second Of Ten Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You

Today you are going to meet the second of ten dogs who deserve more followers than you: Doug The Pug, King of Pop Culture. Continuing with my  multi-part series of dogs who have become famous on the internet, I bring you this little guy who has over a million followers on Instagram. As soon as you see these photos, you’ll know why they outrank you in terms of popularity.

The Second Of Ten Dogs Who Deserve More Followers Than You

Doug The Pug

doug  the pug

The Nashville, Tennessee pug can strike a pose. Dubbed the “King of Pop Culture”, Doug enjoys being treated royally, Netflix, Disneyland, junk food, a nip of Bourbon and just plain chillin’.

doug 4
doug 5 doug 9 doug 6

The 3-year old Pug lives with his owner, Leslie Mosier, and he’s been featured all over the web as well as on Good Morning America.

doug 8
doug 10 doug 7

Doug the Pug has a book  coming out next month that you can order, Doug the Pug: A Working Dog’s Tale

doug the pug a working dog's tale

and plenty of merchandise you can buy here
Doug the Pug on Instagram: @itsdougthepug

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