Don’t Say It. Spray It. Tagger-inspired Art & Chairs By Sander van Heukelom

Tagger-inspired Art & Chairs By Sander van Heukelom

Sander van Heukelom (1972) already began experimenting with typographic design and graffiti as a teenager. Although his basic style has not changed much since then, his current work makes use of many different materials, such as styrofoam, plexiglas, synthetic resin and wood.

Tagger-inspired Art and Chairs By Sander van Heukelom

In addition to being a mixed media artist, he crafts 3D sculptures, and has a series of painted ‘fatcaps’ ( the term used for the plastic piece atop a spray can that when depressed expels the paint), and has designed two funky urban chairs made to look like fatcaps.

All of his work is clearly inspired by graffiti and the tools of the tagger.

The Artistry Of The Cap
was a solo show at the Outland Modern Art Gallery in Amsterdam that featured Sanders’ painted caps, his artworks and his two chair designs.

The painted caps:

The Sculptures:

The Artwork:

The Chairs (which, sadly are no longer available):

The New York Fatcap Chair:

The Hooded Fatcap Chair:

above: Sander van Heukelom

Sander, who is a graphic designer by profession, draws his inspiration from his extensive travels. After five years spent travelling around the world and teaching kite surfing on several continents, his creativity has taken wing. Sander is now known especially for his three-dimensional typographic sculpture and paintings with spray can and resin.

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all images courtesy of the artist