Inky Dinky’s Spookily Cool Halloween Countdown Calendar

Halloween Countdown Calendar
above: Detail of John Littleboy’s illustrated Halloween calendar.

Inky-dinky introduces something wickedly clever for one of our favorite holidays: A Halloween Countdown Calendar.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Open the paper gates of the cemetery and step into a darkly droll world of stylish and sinister characters strolling the moonlit grounds of a graveyard.

For each day in October, open a die-cut window and read a story about this macabre cast of the recently deceased.

The calendar measures 12 x 16 unfolded and can be wall mounted or sit up on your table top as a decorative Halloween tableau.

When closed:

When open:

Sorry, the countdown calendar is no longer available.

Inky Dinky features the beautifully illustrated products of John Littleboy.

See the work of John Littleboy here.