Denmark’s The Krane : Old Coal Crane Turned Into Black Oasis (40 photos)

Denmark's The Krane

A developer and an architect have come up with an innovative and odd use for an old crane that used to load coal. They have turned it into a small unique spa, a glass-enclosed meeting room and a private luxury retreat whose interior design is all done in sophisticated shades of black.

Denmark’s The Krane

Denmark’s The Krane is a new, immersive multi-sensory experience located amidst the industrial landscape on the edge of Nordhavn, one of the last harbours under renovation in Copenhagen.

denmark the Krane

Spearheaded by owner Klaus Kastbjerg and Arcgency’s Mads Møller, the concept is based upon the structure’s dark past as a coal-loading crane by using black as the color scheme throughout. Møller applied a similar aesthetic to the Vipp Shelter. The Krane’s interior furnishings were curated by Norm Architect’s co-founder, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, for MENU.

Inside this multi-tiered structure is a reception area on the ground floor, a meeting room called the GLASS BOX on the first floor, a spa and terrace on the second floor, and private retreat on top called the KRANE ROOM with a lounge and terrace.

In addition to its allusions to coal, black plays a pivotal role in muting and minimising visual distractions so people feel almost enveloped in the interior. At the same time, black dramatizes the changing light and breath-taking views outside. For Møller, black isn’t just black.“ There are hundreds of different shades of black. Depending on the time of day, you can see so many subtle nuances.” – Arcgency

The interior is beautifully sophisticated with furnishings of wood, leather, steel and stone.

cool place to stay in denmarkDenmark modern architecture

The furniture, is not only custom-made to fit the concept and the dimensions, but the primary pieces also transform to make the most use of the space. The sueded leather and steel bed, leather tufted seating and cupboards are all neatly integrated into wall panels.

all black interior design

Other furniture in The Krane comes from Menu, such as the WM String Lounge Chairs and the Synnes dining chairs.

WM String Lounge Chairs and the Synnes dining chairs.Synnes dining chairs

Norm Architects designed some of the pieces of furniture as well as most of the accent pieces, including the Tumbler Alarm Clock, The Snaregade Table, Stack Glasses and Marble Plinth.

norm architectsThe Krane

The Troll Vases seen throughout are by by Anderssen and Voll. They all have a modern take on Scandinavian design that is sophisticated and minimalist.

Troll Vases by Anderssen and Voll


THEKRANEROOM SLEEPdenmark unusual accommmodationsthe krane room

Every moment of your experience at the Krane has been mapped out. A designated Krane concierge picks you up at the airport in an electric BMW from Jan Nygaard, gives you a little tour of the place and brings you breakfast each morning.


The black interior, reminiscent of the Vipp Shelter also designed by Arcgency, has been designed and decorated to be especially soothing and is well-appointed with high-end furnishings.

denmark kraneroomdanish interior design

At an altitude of 25 meters, you feel on top of the world and have the view to match. A very private getaway.

kraneroom the loungekraneroom loungeDenmark travel experience

Meetings are usually boring enough already without having to stare at wall-to-wall carpeting or a acoustic paneled ceiling. A meeting in The Krane is a completely different experience. The fantastic view of the water, the dark wood floors and wood ceiling of Douglas Fir which give off a natural aroma and the furnishings were all designed to inspire the imagination and get the ideas flowing.

the krane glass box

This meeting room in The Krane is a glass enclosed box with a 360˙ panoramic view. The 30 square meter room accommodates up to 20 people and is equipped with wifi, a flatscreen tv, air conditioning, heating, a projector, Apple TV and curtains.

meeting room in the krane

thekrane spa

In contrast to the womb-like feel of the Krane Room’s black interior, the Spa is clad in floor to ceiling stone with one glazed glass floor-to-ceiling wall that looks out upon the harbour. Two spa tubs, a sauna and a shower, paired with the amazing view are soul-soothing.

Denmark spathekrane spaDenmark spa in the krane

The Terrace:
Thekrane terracetravel ideas

For more information or to book any of the rooms at The Krane, go here.

The Krane

Thanks to MENU, Arcengy and Norm Architects for the images and info; Photography: Coast Studio
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects; Simon Larsen and Instagram