Daenerys Done Right. All You Need For A Kickass Khaleesi Costume.

Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Costume

Thinking about being The Mother of Dragons for Halloween? If you want to be the ultimate Khaleesi, here’s everything you need to make an awesome looking Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones – all for under $200. Updated for 2022!

Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Costume

If you’re trying to put together a good Daenerys Targaryen ensemble for Halloween, I’ve done the research for you. I’ve rounded up the best dress, wig, shoes, jewelry and props needed to be a kickass Khaleesi from HBO’s Game of Thrones (and now The House of The Dragon) as portrayed by actress Emilia Clarke.

The Dress:
This chiffon replica dress comes in sizes XSmall through XXLarge

khaleesi gown front and back
$49.99 – 59.99 , buy it here

If this isn’t your fave, here are two other replica dresses for approximately the same price from Game of Thrones.

Daenery’s Qarth Reception Dress from season 2:

Buy the above dress, $86.99, here

Daenery’s Blue dress and Cape:

Buy the above dress and cape (price varies by size) here

The Wig:

$24.99, buy it here

The Sandals:
kahleesi sandLS
$14.99-19.99, buy any of them here

The Dragon for your shoulder (3 options):
dragon props for halloween

A) Rubber dragon, tie-on prop, $47.99, buy it here
B) Plush Dragon prop if you’d prefer. $15, buy it here
C) Plastic Dragon Shoulder Sitter, $19.99, buy it here

The Jewelry:
A Dragon Claw Ring and Cuff Bracelet Set in goldtone metal

Dragon cuff bracelet , buy it here
Various Dragon Claw rings here

The Dragon Egg Props:
The HBO Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Collectible Set. Three eggs, small replicas of the eggs used on set in green, gold, and red. The exquisitely detailed eggs fit back into their satin lined, hand-crafted wooden case, and can be latched safely away.

Dragon Eggs as prop, set of 3 in case:

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs
$135, buy them here

Dragon’s Egg Candles (for home)

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