Nendo Designer Creates CupNoodle Collectibles

cupnoodles collectibles

I don’t know exactly when Cup O’Noodles became CupNoodles, it’s been so long since I’ve searched for or eaten one. But however you refer to the Japanese instant noodles, you gotta check out these CupNoodle Collectibles designed for the Museum Store.

CupNoodle Collectibles

cupnoodles collectibles

International designer Oki Sato of Japanese design firm Nendo has created two special cupnoodle collectibles for the Museum dedicated to the college staple: “cupnoodle forms” and “cupnoodle matryoshka.” Available in limited quantities, you can only get them in the Museum Shop or by ordering them online.

Cupnoodle Forms
cupnoodles forms

Slightly changing the form of the cup significantly shifts the appearance and impression of Cupnoodles.

cupnoodles ceramics

cupnoodles art

The ceramic collection represents the fine line between usual and unusual things and enables you to rediscover the underlying small accidents that are usually taken for granted. Comes nicely boxed in a wood case with handle.

cupnoodles forms boxed set

100,000 yen ($911.00 USD)/ 100 Limited Edition / Set (Price subject to change)
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Cupnoodle Matryoshka
cupnoodles matryoshka boxed

We love Russian Nesting Dolls, so you can imagine our glee at discovering a Cupnoodle Russian Doll set!

cup o'noodles russian nesting dolls

cupnoodles russian nesting dolls

Open the cup and non-edible versions of noodles, egg, shrimp, beef and leek come out one after another!

cupnoodles matryoshka

10,000 yen ($91.00 USD)/ 300 Limited Edition / Set Price (subject to change)

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