Colorful Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars & Effects Pedals By MWM X Chiarelli

hand-painted telecasters hero IIHIH
Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars

This recent collaboration between graphics artist Matt W. Moore of MWM Graphics and his friend James Chiarelli of the Aux band has yielded 3 hand-painted Telecaster guitars and 9 effects pedals.

Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars and Effects Pedals

The Rock n’ Roll Series is not only music to your ears, but your eyes as well. With bold graphic colors in modern vector-like bursts, the guitars are available completed with Fender standard series necks, Jason Lollar pickups, and vintage style Fender hardware – each hand-painted by Matt.

hand-painted telecaster guitar

“The Tele is a design that in many ways hasn’t changed since the 50’s. It is the “work truck” of guitars. Not as seductive as the Les Paul or the Stratocaster, but it is second to none when it comes to function. Joe Strummer, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard are all associated with the utilitarian Telecaster.” -Chiarelli

hand-painted guitar foot pedals

“Painting the set of 9 pedals as puzzle pieces was fun” according to Matt. Each is available on it’s own. But why not grab 3 in a row of different effects? Available Effects : Fuzzface, Jordan Bosston fuzz pedals, and DOD Overdrive 250.

“The pedals are hand built using true-bypass switches, high quality jacks, and NOS transistors. All of the parts were chosen for sound rather than economics. The transistors in each pedal are to the circuit board so the user can try different transistors for varying tonalities. I chose circuits that are pretty explosive sounding. For example, the Fuzzface is most closely associated with Jimi Hendrix.” -Chiarelli

The Process
Pics of the process from Matt’s painting studio and James’ workshop:
hand-painted guitars

Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars

Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars

Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars

Hand-Painted Telecaster Guitars

all images courtesy of MWM Graphics

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