Chocolate Easter Bunny Bongs Are A Thing.

chocolate easter bunny bongs

Easter’s coming up and although we’ve spent a lot of time covering Cannabis related Christmas content, we’ve yet to explore the stoner side of Easter. We thought showing you how to make a chocolate bunny bong, thanks to some industrious folks, would be a good way to start.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Bongs

Please note that we only approve of the legal use of Cannabis and by those of legal age.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Bongs

The Chocolate Bunny Bong is exactly what it sounds like – a smokable water pipe made from pretty much any hollow chocolate easter bunny you can find.

The edible apparatus is made by biting the top off of the ears of a hollow chocolate bunny (or you can insert a mouthpiece), filling it a bit with milk or better yet, chocolate milk, and making a hole in its belly or back for the stem and bowl.

Below are just a few examples of DIY Chocolate bunny bongs from Instagram. I told you they were a thing.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Bongs

Chocolate Easter Bunny Bongs

how to make a bunny bong

easter bunny water pipes

lindt bunny bong

Ready to Make One?
Find a hollow chocolate Easter Bunny (I’d think the taller the better) like this one or one of these and just follow any of these tutorials to make your own.

The Chronic Crafter gives us the most professional DIY tutorial here:

There are so many DIY videos, that rather than embed them, here’s a link to several on YouTube instead.

And there’s these:
• On The Weed Tube
• Watch: Dude Makes A Bong From A Chocolate Easter Bunny And Nestle Quick!

An example of a Chocolate Easter Bunny Bong in use, courtesy of @highbuddyyy:

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Please note that we only approve of the legal use of Cannabis and by those of legal age.