Cheez Whiz Graffitti and Other Perishable Logos By Dorota Pankowska

pro bono promo by Dorota Pankowska

These brand logos are publicly executed on the streets and surfaces of downtown Brampton by artist Dorota (Dori) Pankowska. Using the actual product to create the art, from shaving cream to chocolate hazelnut spread, recognizable product names become a sort of graffiti whose time is limited.

Perishable Logos by Dorota Pankowska

Perishable Logos By Dorota Pankowska

The perishable logos by Dorota Pankowska are part of a street art series titled Pro Bono Promo, the name resulting from poking fun at the fact that these can appear as free advertising for the companies. Left up to diminish naturally over time, Dori says of “This has probably been my favourite project I’ve done so far.”

Spray Cheese:
cheese whiz logo

Peanut Butter:
perishable Logo

Instant Coffee:

brand logo made of coffee

Shaving Cream:

shaving cream logo

Dorota Pankowska perishable logos

Chocolate Hazelnut spread:

perishable logo

Permanent Marker:

Logos by Dorota Pankowska


Ketchup / Catsup:

all images courtesy of the artist

Special thanks to Scott Rench