Alessi Turns The Nativity Into Cutest Christmas Ornaments Ever.

I must confess I never thought I’d see a baby Jesus ornament that I thought was cute. I was wrong. Italian company Alessi has created a line of 12 new Christmas ornaments, 10 based on the old testament’s Nativity scene and 2 decorative ones, that include everything from an adorable Baby Jesus to a darling Donkey.

Alessi Nativity Christmas Ornaments

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, a ram, a cow, a donkey, the Three Wise Men, an Angel, an Elf, and a Shooting Star and are individually hand decorated blown glass ornaments designed by Marcello Jori for Alessi.

Alessi Nativity Christmas Ornaments

The 12 Alessi Nativity Christmas Ornaments are available individually or as the following 4 different sets.

Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, donkey and cow:

The Three Wise Men:

Angel and Shooting Star (or Starlight):

Elf and Ram:

Buy the set of the 10 Nativity ornaments here
Or find them and other Alessi Christmas decor individually here