Cecelia Webber’s Human Flowers (20 Photos)

Cecelia Webber's Human Flowers

Artist and photographer Cecelia Webber’s Human Flowers are photomosaics of real human bodies that appear as plants and flowers found in nature. Digitally composed, it takes a second to realize these tessellated images are made of several individual photographs of people.

Cecelia Webber’s Human Flowers

Cecelia Webber's Human Flowers

Cecelia Webber first began producing the series upon noticing the similarity of the human figure to a flower petal. She was taking an ordinary series of nude photographs, and began experimenting to see whether she could recreate an entire flower with the forms. Clearly, she succeeded.

‘The most difficult part,’ Webber reflects, ‘is orchestrating the relationships between the different poses, and thinking of the human body as a three dimensional object collapsed into a 2D plane to form a shape.’

About the artist:

Cecelia Webber

Cecelia Webber was born in New Hampshire and received a BFA from University of Southern California in 2008. She works primarily in digital photography and acrylic painting. Her aim is to explore how people understand themselves in relation to their perceived realities, creating art as a means of heightening emotional experience through manipulation of imagery and form.

Cecelia Webber with her digital prints of Human Flowers

Webber works to make people aware of their link to nature and to inspire a sense of responsibility to make environmentally friendly choices. Additionally, she hopes to help people realize a positive self-image of their bodies and to have the ability to look at nudity and nakedness as comforting, vulnerable, and beautiful.

Her work has been published in numerous international publications and exhibited worldwide.

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