Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier

Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier

In Vale de Lama Lagos, Portugal sits Casa Zauia, a new build by architects Mario Martins Atelier. This long linear horizontal home appears to balance on the landscape with panoramic views of the Alvor Estuary and Lagos Bay.

Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier


The following text is courtesy of the architectural firm:
Zauia House is situated on a hill overlooking Vale da Lama, in the Lagos area of the Algarve – Portugal. It is built on a large property, facing east, with an amazing view of the Alvor Estuary and Lagos Bay.


Paradoxically, the design of the house was inspired by the restrictions and limitations imposed on its construction.

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It is intended to be an architectural object of great simplicity and lightness: balanced, precise and remarkably modern.

casa zauia
Casa Zauia on if its hip its here

The house is purely a white, horizontal structure. Its transparency comes from the long, continuous glassed area, protected from the effects of the sun, which has a spacious, stunningly shaded, south-facing patio.

mario martins portugal home Casa Zauia Mario Martins Atelier

The house seems to rise out of the ground and nestle in the landscape. However, due to the sloping nature of its physical support, it appears to be unattached and emerges on graceful pillars, reducing the effect of the natural vegetation growing under it. This vegetation will also come to grow naturally over part of the roof.

Casa Zauia on if its hip its here
modern portugal home

The house is therefore like a shelter where we feel protected and from where we can enjoy the panoramic views over the valley, Alvor Estuary and the indented coastline of Lagos Bay.

modern home on lagos bay
modern home in portugal

The house is on one floor and has four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, toilet, kitchen with support areas, office and living room opening on to a spacious veranda/partly-covered patio, which is part of the front terrace adjoining all rooms.

Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier

Covered by the natural ground, there is a technical support area and a covered outdoor area for parking, next to a small service patio.

Casa Zauia on if its hip its here 13440382-95b8-458b-9e45-3e977eb7c5ac Casa Zauia lagos bay

The pool, rectangular and elegant, is the continuation of a water mirror which “pours” out of the supporting wall made of exposed concrete. It has a central platform, also in concrete, as an element to separate it which is used as a deck/sitting area.

casa zauia0a64409f-5120-43f5-b841-008362b79509 concrete fountain

The wide edge of the pool highlights the presence of water in both in the constructed and natural environments, where the water of the bay blends into the horizon.

portugal home by mario martins atelier

And for us, in the house, it seems that we reign over the horizon. Pure illusion. It is only the inspiration of architecture that still makes us dream. Fortunately.

Project details
• Architect: Mario Martins Atelier
• Year 2014
• Work started in 2011
• Work finished in 2014
• Status Completed works
• Type Single-family residence

PHOTOS: © Fernando Guerra [FG+SG]

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