The Cannador: Elegant Curing and Storage for the Cannabis Connoisseur.

cannador elegant cannabis storage

Now that marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes in a few states, the options for gear and paraphernalia are increasing. One of the more fancy schmancy products now available is the Cannador, a high-end humidification box for herbs clad in Walnut or Cherry wood with a solid mahogany interior available in two sizes. The Cannador maintains perfect relative humidity at 65% RH for either short or long-term storage.

The Cannador – Curing and Storage for Cannabis

The uniquely designed airtight humidification box preserves herbs, tobacco, teas, and spices by controlling humidity at the perfect rate to maintain freshness and taste. Glass jars and clear plastic containers let in UV light, which damages the contents.

A dark and controlled humid environment is ideal, but it cannot be too humid. If it is more than 70% relative humidity (RH), your contents will run the risk of supporting mold growth, something a traditional cigar humidor has the potential to do.

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And, as a sustainable product, all that is required is to add water to the Humidity Bead System.® With each purchase, trees are planted through WeForest*.

The Large Cannador in Walnut:

The Large Cannador in Cherry:

The Large Cannador® ($199) allows you to store 3/4 oz of dried herbs in this beautifully crafted piece in either Cherry or Walnut.
• 4 small 1/8 oz perforated cans
• 1 large 1/4 oz perforated can
• 1 rechargeable Humidity Bead System®
• 1 Cannador® Instruction Manual

The Small Cannador in Walnut:

The Small Cannador in Cherry:

The smaller Cannador® ($179) is a great product for the strain conscious connoisseur who likes to keep smaller amounts of herbs separated and fresh. You can store 3/4 oz of dried herbs in this beautifully crafted piece in either walnut or cherry.
• 6 small 1/8 oz perforated cans
• 1 rechargeable Humidity Bead System®
• 1 Cannador® Instruction Manual

The interior is made of solid mahogany versus cedar. Mahogany better controls humidity and does not produce any residue or odors and oils that cedar imparts. It is also resistant to swelling and shrinking under changes in relative humidity providing stability for the long term. Your choice of exterior is either solid walnut or cherry.


Two size options will accommodate different can configurations. The larger option has a storage compartment in addition to the five-can configuration, and the smaller option leaves out the extra storage space with a six-can configuration. The small cans can fit an eighth of an ounce of dried herbs, and the large cans can fit a quarter of an ounce of dried herbs.

Humidity Bead System®:

They tested a variety of humidification options to maintain humidity levels including ceramics and sponges, but none were as reliable as the Humidity Bead System®. What makes the Humidity Bead System® special is its ability to control the environment by absorbing and releasing humidity as needed, so the RH will never go above or below a specific ratio. Sponges or ceramics don’t control the humidity, but rather emit all of its moisture until it is depleted, leaving the environment too humid. If the environment is too humid, the risk of mold contamination will greatly increase. What we like most about the Humidity Bead System® is its sustainability. All you need to do is dip one-quarter of the bead case in water once a month, and your environment will stay at 65% RH. No packs, no waste.

*Corporate Responsibility:
As part of their corporate social responsibility, the makers of the Cannador have pledged to plant one tree for every Cannador® purchased. As citizens of the earth, they believe in replenishing what we take and therefore have a responsibility to create a better planet for future generations. Plant-It 2020 is a non-profit in Colorado dedicated to properly planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible.  They will be working with Plant-It 2020 to help meet their goals in promoting sustainable reforestation.For more information about Plant-It 2020, please visit their website:

*Shipping is limited to the United States only
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