Schylling Introduces Star Wars Tin Kaleidoscopes & Wind-Up Toys.

Schylling Star Wars Collection

Schylling, the company best known for their classic and contemporary tin toys has released a special Star Wars collection of beautifully lithographed large wind up toys and kaleidoscopes for collectors, kids and enthusiasts.

Schylling Star Wars Collection

The Wind Up Toys:
star wars schylling tin wind ups banner
bobba fett shyclling wind up toy

Wind them up and watch them go! Beautifully lithographed with plastic trim, these tin robot representations of Star Wars characters are ready to roll! Each measures 7.5″ tall. Collect them all! Comes boxed. For ages 3 and up.

Darth Vader schylling wind up toy still
c3po wind up toy IIHIH
schylling stormtrooper wind up toy
bobba fett shylling wind up toy still
chebacca schylling wind up toy

The Kaleidoscopes:
schylling tin Star Wars Kaleidoscopes IIHIH

Amaze your eyes with brilliant colors and patterns from our unique tin kaleidoscopes! These tin kaleidoscopes lithographed with Star Wars characters will dazzle all who lay their eyes on him! Measures 7.19″ tall.

schylling C3PO kaleidoscope
schylling Chewbacca kaleidoscope
schylling darth vader kaleidoscope
schylling R2D2 kaleidoscope
schylling stromtrooper kaleidoscope
schylling Yoda kaleidoscope

They make great stocking stuffers.
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