Ring In The New Year With These Cannabis Champagnes

Several companies have decided to replace the buzz in bubbly, producing cannabis-infused champagnes and sparkling beverages as an alternative to your favorite alcohol-infused Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, and Cava.

Cannabis Champagnes

One of the fastest-growing segments of the marijuana industry is the cannabis-infused beverage. Cannabis beverages attract a variety of adult consumers, with Millennials in particular, who range in age from 21-37 and make up nearly a quarter of the U.S. population. Studies showing Millennials preference for marijuana over alcohol combined combined with flagging sales for alcohol in the U.S., have opened the market to these new alcohol-free sparkling drinks. A fine option with which to ring in the new year.

House of Saka Sparkling Pink
House of Saka, a Napa-based vintner produces nonalcoholic cannabis-infused rosé-style beverages Pink and Sparkling Pink.

The Infused Beverages from House of Saka are crafted from grapes picked at the peak of ripeness from select vineyards with California’s iconic Napa Valley infused with their own proprietary CBD:THC formulation for a truly elevated cannabis experience.

Saka luxury infused beverages are alcohol-free and infused with a carefully crafted formulation that was created scientifically to produce a predictable and consistent onset response time of 15 minutes or less. This is possible due to the advanced bio-availability of the emulsification. This technology, in which cannabis oil is broken down to microscopic, water soluble and self-homogenizing particles, allows for immediate absorption through the mouth and stomach lining for rapid onset.

The grapes are sourced from the world famous vineyards of California’s Wine Country and combined with the finest craft cultivated cannabis.

The Saka luxury experience brings together the best ingredients that originate from Northern California, grape varietals and craft cannabis, with the most advanced technology to provide exclusive infusion blends. These blended creations result in the most sophisticated and delicious flavor profiles on the market. The House of Saka is specializing in bringing products to consumers that exceed expectations for delivering the ultimate, infused luxury experience.

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Rickett “Jolie Fleur” Blanc & Pink

Made with the finest California grapes using traditional French Champagne methods, this alcohol-free beverage has the perfect amount of tiny bubbles in each glass with a crisp, sweet yet tart fruitiness.

Infused with California cannabis using state of the art Nano technology, this sparkling beverage is delicious and delivers a quick onset and clean fun experience.

Jolie Fleur Blanc delivers aromas of green apples ripe pear flavors and hints of melon. It’s light but dry and leaves you with a refreshing light cannabis finish. 375 ML, 10 mg THC

Jolie Fleur Pink is sweet yet tart raspberry fruitiness. It’s dry with a weightless mouthfeel and a refreshing light cannabis finish. 375 ML, 10 mg THC

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Tarukino Inc.’s Vertus is yet another cannabis-infused sparkling fruit beverage. Vertus™ is free of the unpleasant “weed” taste and odor. Instead you experience a slightly sweet and citrusy taste, with exquisite effervescence and mouthfeel. Oh, and a great, uplifting high that takes effect quickly.

Locally grown and produced, all of the fruit and cannabis used in the making of Vertus™ comes from the great state of Washington. Vertus™ is just one of a growing number of products using our earth shattering emulsion technology called SōRSE™ to eradicate the unpleasant taste and smell of cannabis in beverages.

Each 750 ml bottle of Vertus™ contains either 50mg or 100 mg of THC, so maybe share a little with 5-10 of your friends? Celebrate by the glass for accurate, worry-free doses of THC every time.

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Rozoy Picot
This one is a bit different. A “Terpene” Champagne (like Legion of Bloom’s Entourage Champagne which has since disappeared), this one uses the aroma of cannabis (no THC or CBD) combined with alcohol.

Rozoy-Picot is foremost a family business created by Clément Rozoy, their brand offers the combination of French sparkling wine essence with a natural cannabis flavoring, but no THC, and this one has alcohol. The result is an elegant and refined sparkling wine. They offer two flavors, OG Kush and Amnesia Core Cut.

Instead of infusing the beverage with THC and CBD, they use the aromatic molecules present in marijuana plants for their true olfactory and gustatory signature. Today, the cannabis plant is the one that contains the most with more than 140 different terpenes. They have found the best association between the terpenes of the OG KUSH & AMNESIA CORE CUT variety and those of white wine in order to offer you a unique experience.

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Cannabis-infused beverages of all types are growing in popularity. You can learn about more brands here

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