Braastad Cognac XO Contemporary Designed by Snøhetta and A-ha Keyboardist Magne Furuholmen

Braastad XO Cognac

Each year Braastad Cognac invites an artist to create his or her visual interpretation of how they are inspired by the world of cognac. The artwork is then applied to the bottle and gift box, filled with a unique cognac blend from their Master Blender and sold as a limited edition.

Braastad XO Cognac Contemporary Artist’s Edition

Braastad XO Cognac contemporary
Norwegian artist and pop star, Magne Furuholmen, with his bottle design for Braastad

Braastad XO Cognac

Architectural and design firm Snøhetta, in collaboration with Norwegian musician (of pop band A-ha) and artist, Magne Furuholmen, designed the latest Braastad XO Contemporary cognac bottle and packaging. This limited edition piece is a result of the duo’s aim to create a contemporary expression that strengthens the Braastad brand.

Braastad XO Cognac hero IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 6 IIHIH

Braastad XO Contemporary challenges artists to create a visual expression of what inspires them from the world for Cognac. The craftsmanship and heritage of the Norwegian Braastad family in the historic business of Cognac production inspired Furuholmen’s art piece, below.

Braastad XO Cognac art IIHIH

As reported by Snøhetta, the design is “Based on two limited edition prints (one shown above) made especially for this project, the letters used in the design make up the words “XO” and “Contemporary”. Snøhetta’s graphic designers worked with Furuholmen’s prints to re-imagine both the bottle and box into a playful and unique design, bringing a new expression to a traditional beverage.”

Braastad XO Cognac 5 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 7 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 8 IIHIH

Snøhetta goes on to say that “The underlying design concept was to let the minimal and reduced visual language of contemporary art and the expressive handmade letters meet the old-fashioned world of Cognac. Snøhetta kept the high-end feel, but adds an element of Scandinavian cool to a classical French product. The resulting design puts the beautiful amber-colored spirit in the spotlight through the transparent printed label. A light beige color was chosen for the packaging leaving just enough contrast for the white and silver letters to be readable, playing with the subtle difference between matte silver and mirrored foil. One might say, the solution simply made the XO contemporary.”

Braastad XO Cognac 2 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 3 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 4 IIHIH

In the images below, of the celebratory launch, you can see some of Furuholmen’s artwork which combines letters, texture, imagery and space in oil paints:

Braastad XO Cognac 13 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 9 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 10 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 11 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 14 IIHIHBraastad XO Cognac 12 IIHIH

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images courtesy of Braastad, Snøhetta and Magne Furuholmen