Nature Illustrated In A Stunning New Book: Botanical Inspiration

Botanical Inspiration illustrated book

Published by Viction:ary, a new 288 page, hardcover bound book will be released next month. Botanical Inspiration: Nature in Art and Illustration is an artistic compendium of beautifully rendered flora by a range of explorers, artists and scientists. Equally impressive as inspiring, the book is a wonderful gift for artists or just those who appreciate the earth’s greatest designer, Mother Nature.

Botanical Inspiration Illustrated Book

Botanical Inspiration

A world without plants is a world without life, both literally and figuratively. Besides forming the very basis of human survival on Earth, they are also an important source of creative inspiration, ingenuity, and expression.

Botanical Inspiration Illustrated Book

art of flowers

From scientific explorers like Sir Joseph Banks who travelled across the globe in search of never-seen-before species to impressionist painters like Édouard Manet who sought to capture the subtle beauty of everyday objects, many artists and illustrators have used flora as a powerful means to convey the essence of our very existence.

Botanical Inspiration Illustrated

Botanical Inspiration Illustrated Book

Botanical Inspiration Illustrated Book

Botanical Inspiration Illustrated Book

Botanical Inspiration is a timeless collection of artwork and illustrations that feature flora and its many facets through a variety of visual concepts, styles, and techniques.

beautifully illustrated botanical book

It speaks to lovers of both nature and creativity as a universal language in itself, thoughtfully interpreted by some of today’s most intriguing and interesting talents.

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