Sharpie Drawn Blue Willow Pumpkins!

Blue Willow Pumpkins

I’m so gonna do this next year! Amongst the many interesting and unusual Halloween pumpkins, these fabulous sharpie drawn Blue Willow pumpkins by Beverly Hills based interior designer Alissa Sutton, influenced by the popular Chinese blue and white porcelain pattern, caught my eye.

Blue Willow Pumpkins

Blue Willow Pumpkins

No more carving tools and messy pumpkin guts. Forget the slew of stencil carved pumpkins or the hundreds of smiling jack-o-lanterns and arched-back black cats. Here’s a sophisticated and stylish idea for your Halloween pumpkins that will set them apart from those peppering the stoops of every suburban neighborhood.

interesting halloween pumpkins

It’s no surprise that Alissa is a residential and commercial designer. She was even an HGTV Design Star semi-finalist in 2009.

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Using her grandmother’s Blue Willow China (shown below) as an inspiration, Alissa simply painted bought white pumpkins (not hard to find) and drew upon them with a royal blue Sharpie marker.

alissa sutton's grandmother's blue willow china

The results looks terrific, especially when paired with her Blue Willow vases and cachepots and her sweet little white dog, Valentina.

blue willow halloween pumpkins

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